Koplin Consulting provides case management, licensed in-home counseling, treatment & recovery services for drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and other behavioral health issues. Our services are available nationwide.

"As a counselor in private practice I had clients who could write their own treatment plan but couldn’t figure out how to implement it in the course of real life.  They would go from an isolated environment of 24 hour support and minimal triggers to returning home where there were 24 hour triggers and minimal support. It seemed backwards to me."—Amanda Koplin LPC

There are many benefits to in-home coaching and counseling that residential facilities and offices cannot offer. Our clients often know what to do but struggle implementing new skills in the course of daily life. Instead of merely discussing issues we work alongside our clients providing assistance when and where it’s needed most.

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Koplin Consulting is passionate about providing mental health and coaching services which allow individuals life-changing help in real life and in real time.

Services Offered

Coaching Services:

  • Live-in
  • Hourly: In-home or virtually 


  • Hourly: In-home or virtually 

Our coaches are typically highly skilled individuals who have a master’s degree in addition to personal and professional experiences in their area of specialty. If you need a higher level of care, we offer live-in services. If you would like a few hours a week of accountability, we can provide this hourly in the home or virtually. 

Our Model:

Phase 1: Stabilization – Stabilization is the shortest phase of the program and includes continued assessment and determination of needs.

Phase 2: Skill-building – This is the longest phase of the program and is dedicated to the creation and implementation of life/recovery tools. 

Phase 3: Sustainability – The sustainability phase is a continuation of skill building when we take the time to titrate the level of coaching support. This phase involves having the client continue to work on the skills and use the resources provided with increased autonomy and some help from the coach. 

How To Work With Us

  1. Assessment: After the initial phone call, we schedule an assessment. A comprehensive assessment with the client, their families, and current (if any) treatment team members in order to gather history, get a better understanding of the presenting problem, assess for safety, and create a goal plan for moving forward. The price of the assessment is determined by the length of time needed to speak with providers in order to obtain a complete overview of past treatment history. 
  2. Treatment Plan: Depending on the results of the assessment, Koplin’s treatment team will provide a tailored treatment plan with recommendation of hourly or live-in services.

What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

  • Qualified ProfessionalsSpecialists: We use professional counselors who specialize in your needs. Some of our counselors have personal experience navigating this terrain on top of the professional experience they’ve built helping others move forward in their recovery. In addition, because they are counselors, they have an expansive toolbox they can utilize to troubleshoot any issues that arise in the moment and can communicate the information in a streamlined fashion back to other providers on the client’s team.
  • Focus On The Solution: Focusing on the problem (ie. staying sober, managing eating disorder behaviors, medication management, etc.) does not tell someone how to build a life. We believe building a life is the ultimate goal. We help our clients connect with purpose, passion, and community in order to go from surviving and managing mental illness to thriving and living life. Multiple relapses and treatment stays do not need to be the norm.
  • Family Focused: Nobody lives in isolation. Family members are often impacted by their loved one who is struggling with addiction, eating disorders, and mental illness. We work with the family to provide skills and support so that the whole system is able to grow together and heal.
  • Real-Time Support: A basketball coach can lay out the game plan, teach you the skills you need, and then tell you to do it but they’re also with you in the game to yell out reminders of what you learned in exactly the moment you need to utilize that skill. This is what a clinical coach provides for individuals and families struggling with mental illness, addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders. The game plan is only as good as the players ability to execute it. Having a coach by a client’s side ensures a greater probability of success. It also allows the coach to provide observations about patterns and actions that are played out unconsciously and make corrections in the moment versus relying on a client’s recall and ability to relay important information at a later date..

Sustainable Results:

  • Individualized Focus and Attention: Instead of tailoring to a group, we have professional counselors who specialize in addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental health disorders. We pick the right providers to address the struggles and complexities of our client’s life. Their needs are not be weighed against the needs of the group. Everything we do is about the individual. This is a one-on-one approach.
  • Context: We understand that life doesn’t happen in an office or treatment center and neither does our clients problems. Our services are delivered by experts in the context of our clients home and community.
  • Intensity: In a treatment center, people go from 24 hour support and minimal triggers to 24 hour triggers and minimal support. Our assessment process helps to identify the level of support our client needs and then slowly lowers the amount of hours provided to the client so that it is sustainable. This may mean that a qualified professional lives with the client for a period of time and then moves to hourly support. It may mean that the client is able to start with hourly support and lower the amount of hours needed as they grow and expand their life, support system, and skill set.
  • Experience: People learn by doing more than they learn by talking. Our qualified professionals teach people the skills they need and they are with the client in real time to assist in the implementation of the skills in order to create successful experiences which can be repeated by the client over time. Most people know what to do but they just can’t manage to do it in the moment they need it the most.
  • Support Systems: We do not believe therapy, coaching, or services need to be life-long. We help identify and connect the client to other support systems outside of us that they can utilize after we finish our work together.

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