Tough Mudder: The Night It All Began:

It was 2013 and doing a Tough Mudder was on my bucket list for a long time; however, I could never find someone to do the race with me. One late night, when I was living in New York City, I was talking with some friends. I discovered my friend, Nicole, had completed a Tough Mudder a couple years before. I begged her to do it with me and after hours of talking/ convincing, she caved. I now had my very first Tough Mudder team and I was ecstatic! I trained every day and thought my new Tough Mudder buddy was doing the same. I visualized us on race day trekking through the mud, being so hardcore, and completing all the obstacles. This was a dream come true!

Tough Mudder: The Race Day:

On the day of the race, when I was scared or doubted myself, my teammate was there to encourage me, and I her. I moved forward despite being scared at times and made myself try every obstacle. Unfortunately, my upper body strength wasn’t enough to complete the incline monkey bars or scaling the wall with only my hands. Although I didn’t succeed at completing those two obstacles, I was proud of myself for trying. By the end of the race, I congratulated myself and my teammate and checked the item off my bucket list.

Tough Mudder: Passing On The Gift:

This year the tables have turned. I am a counselor who works mostly with teens and their families in my small private practice. Everyone I work with knows that I’m big on action oriented items, holding myself to the same standards as I hold my teens, and being on a journey with them rather than just telling them what to do. I suggested to some of my teens who struggle with depression, self-esteem, and food issues that they should get up and exercise at least 20 minutes at the beginning of each day. We talked about the impact it would have on their mood, focus, self-esteem, etc. They began showing improvement and soon their goals exceeded my expectations. We went from planning 5k’s together to taking on a Tough Mudder. Although I had checked the item off of my bucket list, seeing those eager, encouraged teens beg me to do it created an offer I couldn’t refuse. I thought of the gift Nicole gave to me and understood karma demanded I return the favor.

Tough Mudder: Round 2 of Training:

As I move forward in training for my 2nd Tough Mudder, here are 10 lessons I learned that I wanted to share with you:

1. If I put in just a little bit more today than I did yesterday then I’ll come back just a little bit stronger tomorrow.

2. It’s not about winning, it’s about TEAM WORK and ENCOURAGEMENT. You get further cooperating than you do competing.

3. Winning is not fun when you’re at the finish line alone and you’ve stepped on other people to get there.

4. You are not on this journey alone.

5. You have to be MENTALLY STRONG to be physically strong. Your MIND will generally give up before your BODY.

6. NUTRITION IS KEY. Nutrition impacts everything from how you feel to how hard it is to get through workouts and your day.

7. When you’re afraid to try because you’re afraid to fail, just remember: if you haven’t tried you’ve already failed. The pain of REGRET is GREATER than the pain of not trying.

8. Comparing yourself to other people doesn’t help your situation. You don’t know their struggles, strengths, or journey. Focus on where YOU’RE going.

9. RESULTS don’t happen overnight! Aim high but be realistic.

10. The only EXCUSES are the ones you make up in your head, everything else is just an OBSTACLE waiting to be overcome.

Have you completed a mud run, a 5k, or another physical challenge? Tell us about the lessons you learned by commenting below!


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