Why Concierge Mental Health Treatment Services:

When I made a decision to get help for my eating disorder, I had no idea the stress treatment alone would entail. I had appointments with a therapist, a dietitian, and a fitness trainer. That’s A LOT of appointments and A LOT of traveling! Frequently, I would think about everything I could be doing instead of traveling to and from appointments. I would get more anxious as I attempted to carve out the time to make my appointments in the midst of my already busy life. I also realized when I got home, and actually needed the support, I had to do the best I could to figure it out on my own.

Now, as a mental health counselor who’s on the other side of the equation, I think about how I can enhance the quality of the treatment experience for individuals struggling with mental health symptoms. As a result, I’m allowing Koplin Consulting to position our concierge counseling, fitness, nutrition, and in-home coaching services as a concierge treatment team for individuals struggling with addiction, eating disorders, and other mental health disorders.

Here are 5 benefits of a comprehensive, concierge mental health treatment team:

Benefit 1: Convenience:

All services are provided at a location designated by you. You have the option of meeting your providers at work, home, their office, or another convenient location. This cuts the amount of time you have to travel and increases your ability to use that time productively.

Benefit 2: Customization:

Having your providers come in-home means that everything is tailored to you. Additionally, you benefit from having skills implemented in the environment where you feel triggered and where the skills will continue to be applied. For example, if your struggles are around food, our nutritionists or in-home coaches can meal plan, cook, and eat with you. They can also help your family learn ways of supporting you and help you find ways of coping which work for you in YOUR lifestyle and YOUR environment.

Benefit 3: Support:

Life doesn’t happen in an office and sometimes only an hour of support at a time isn’t enough. Our in-home coaches can be with you anywhere from an hour up to 24 hours a day if you need. This is especially important when you’re coming home from a higher level of care such as a rehab center, a residential or inpatient treatment center, or another program which required you to leave home to gain the skills you need to be successful.

Benefit 4: Holistic Approach:

It’s impossible to look at issues in an isolated way and still receive positive results. Our team includes counselors, fitness trainers, and nutritionists (and registered dietitians) who help you create balance, strength, and resilience in every part of your life. We don’t believe one can be effective without the others.

Benefit 5: Quality of Life:

Every relapse from addiction, eating disorders, depression, severe anxiety, etc. lowers your quality of life and robs you of the hope you need to get better. Re-entering a period of recovery after a relapse is harder each time. The relapse frequently leaves people in a worse position of having to clean up the financial, physical, mental, and relational consequences created as a result of relapsing. Saving someone from even one relapse could mean saving their life. Each relapse from an eating disorder, addiction, or depression could mean their loved ones are attending their funeral.

How can I get these services:

Our concierge counseling, fitness, nutrition, and in-home coaching services are available nationwide. If you or someone you know may have a problem and needs help. Call or text 210-502-7222 or email [email protected] Help is only a call or a text away.