Starting A Weight Loss Journey:

Losing weight can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you’re already overweight or have a lot of weight to lose. A lot of people stay motivated by noticing the physical changes, but here are some other things to notice along this journey:

Weight Loss Journey Tip 1. Endurance: Are you able to do things now which weren’t possible before? Can you walk longer? Maybe jog? Are you able to lift up your kids or grandkids?
Weight Loss Journey Tip 2. Energy and Mood: Do you have more energy than you used to? Is your mood better than it was before? Do you feel less depressed or anxious?
Weight Loss Journey Tip 3. Relationships: Do you notice the quality of your relationships improving?
Weight Loss Journey Tip 4. Lifestyle: You’ve created a sustainable lifestyle rather than going on another fad diet. You’ve noticed your health increasing, you can continue to do the actions you’re taking over time, and you’ve surrounded yourself with similarly healthy people.
Weight Loss Journey Tip 5. You’re inspiring other people to jump onboard your healthy lifestyle! You’re not just changing your own life, you’re helping to change the people around you and generations to come.
Weight Loss Journey Tip 6. Health: Your doctor has noticed your medical conditions getting better. Maybe you’re off certain medications you had to take before.

Understand there are no quick fix solutions for problems which develop over time. When you feel discouraged, do an accounting of all the progress you’ve made to date and surround yourself with the people who share your new, same values. You’ve got this! Life is about more than the number on the scale.


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