Alexis is at it again! She is on a roll sharing her tips and insights with us about how to simplify our lives and make the things which seem tedious feel not so bad after all. Try implementing some of her tips in order to make healthy eating and fitness the breeze it’s supposed to be!

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 1. Meal prep for the week

Meal prepping is a great way to ensure healthy eating. When you prepare your meals, you not only save time by not having to make lunches for work that morning, or having to cook dinner after a long day, but it also reduces the risk of choosing fast food or other unhealthy options that seem to be quick and easy.

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 2. Exercise with a partner

Scheduling a trip to the gym with a friend, family member, or co-worker is a great way to keep you both accountable. You also provide each other with support and motivation while make exercising more fun all together. Instead of dreading your workouts, you look forward to meeting your partner.

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 3. Try new recipes

Most people think that to have a healthy diet you have to eat nothing but chicken, fish and veggies. NOT TRUE! Healthy eating does not have to be bland and boring! There are tons of recipes out there with healthy alternatives so you can still eat your favorite dish but with less negative impact on your body. Pinterest is one of the best places for quick, easy and fun recipes!

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 4. Mix up your workout regime

Exercise doesn’t just happen in the gym. Try switching up your workout with a physical activity like hiking, swimming, running in the park, or playing a sport. You’ll not only enjoy the view more but you’ll have more fun. Joining a recreational league is an awesome way to get your exercise in and meet new people! Hiking, swimming and running outside can be very therapeutic and refreshing.

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 5. Download the app “Calorie Counter; Diet Tracker by MyFitness Pal”

Going out to a restaurant doesn’t have to ruin your diet. This app makes going out to eat so much easier to stay on track! You can look up almost any dish from any restaurant and it will give you all the nutritional facts about it.

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 6. Set out your workout gear the night before

Get prepared for your morning workout! Set your gym clothes and sneakers out to make it easier to get dressed in the morning. You could even take this a step further and sleep in your gym gear so you just have to roll out of bed, slip your shoes on, brush your teeth and go! Fill up your water bottle the night before and have it in the fridge along with your breakfast. This goes back to meal prepping (tip #1). If you make your breakfast the night before, set your gym clothes out along with your sneakers, gym bag, etc, you save time and limit the amount of excuses you could possibly give yourself as to why you can’t make it to the gym.

Healthy Eating and Fitness Tip 7. REWARD YOURSELF!

Living a healthy lifestyle should never be looked at as punishment. You shouldn’t workout because you feel like you hate your body; you need to exercise because you should love your body, so reward yourself! Set goals and when you reach them treat yourself to new sneakers, clothes, a trip out with friends, a new activity, etc. The main thing is to choose rewards that are positive and will continue to motivate you to keep going.


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Recipe of the week: Pink Breakfast Smoothie

What you need:    pink breakfast smoothie, healthy smoothie, healthy smoothie recipe, smoothies, be a hero, in-home coach, decide to be a hero, healthy habits, make health easy

– 1 cup sliced strawberries

– 1 banana

– ½ cup oats

– 1 tsp honey

– 1/3 cup peanut butter

– 1 cup almond milk

What you do:

– Mix all ingredients into blender

– Enjoy!

pink breakfast smoothie end pic