High intensity interval training is becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise. It is a cardiovascular style of training that alternates intervals of short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery (aerobic) periods. Below are some of the most important reasons you should start incorporating HIIT training into your regular workout regimen.

1. It takes less time

HIIT training consumes less time than lengthy periods of cardio whether it is done on machines, running, or biking. On top of it being a great exercise routine for people with busy schedules, you’ll be more likely to stick with it because you’ll enjoy it more. Bored of the same old routine? HIIT allows you to mix it up with a variety of different routines whenever you want. You can also find them on most fitness websites. Do you want to know the best part of incorporating HIIT? You will be able to get the same (if not greater) results in literally half the time of a basic extensive cardio workout. Say “goodbye” to the classic “I don’t have time” excuse!

2. After burn

Do you feel the burn? We do! You can continue burning calories for up to two or more hours after a HIIT workout. Exercise physiologist and athletic trainer, Scott Weiss, C.S.C.S explains: “The bursts of increased intensity simply increase the caloric expenditure, thus, more total calories are burned aiding in better body composition.” HIIT workouts also burn more fat because the intense exertion affects your body’s “repair cycle” and kicks it into high gear.

3. Boosts Endurance

Incorporating HIIT into your fitness regimen is a great way to improve your blood pressure and raise your mitochondria count. This, in turn, helps to nourish your brain and body. Additionally, it helps boost your endurance during moderate- intensity runs and other workouts. You’ll be surprised at the increase in your endurance after doing at least 2 HIIT circuits a week, for a few weeks, and then going for a lengthy run.

4. Builds a Healthy Heart

Explosions of high intensity activity triggers the heart to such high intensities that you literally feel as if your heart is gargling in your throat or about to pop out of your chest. At first, that doesn’t sound pleasant, but in reality, training your heart this way through HIIT is great for lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease. HIIT has been known to aid in reducing the chance of heart attacks by reducing buildup of plaque in stents and also helps prevent against metabolic syndrome, a condition that increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels, high cholesterol and body fat around your waist.

5. Can be done anywhere

There is literally no equipment needed when performing HIIT circuits (unless you are trying to up your HIIT game). It is solely centered on using your body weight and movement to exercise. Your body becomes your gym! You can mix up your workouts by doing them outside, at home, at the gym or even taking them with you on vacation! Anywhere you go, you can do a HIIT circuit!


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