The cost of obesity beyond the physical:

I was at a culinary medicine conference and one pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Pont, shared a clip of this HBO documentary, “The Weight of the Nation,” which had stories of people sharing their experiences of struggling with obesity* (see link below). He talked about the importance of how we speak to each other and the way stigma prevents people from getting the help they deserve.

Shame and Blame:

We’re a quick fix culture and have been taught weight loss is as simple as calories in and calories out. This, however, doesn’t account for people who struggle with obesity due to metabolic disorders or other people who become obese due to weight gain side effects of medications. I know from experience, and from the people I work with on a daily basis, that shame and blame toward people struggling with obesity happens so frequently and the repercussions of this stigma are severe. People struggle with obesity for many reasons. Although there’s no one size fits all solution, it’s important that every solution incorporates compassion and support rather than shame and blame.

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The cost of obesity is more than you can see…

How we address obesity:

  1. Medical: We understand obesity isn’t simply the result of overeating and a lack of activity. Some people struggle with metabolic disorders or conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which impact their weight. We work directly with your medical provider to make sure your medical condition is stable.
  2. Lifestyle assessment: How much do you exercise and what are the food choices you’re making on a daily basis? If you are not sure what you should be eating, we’ll work with you to meal plan, make healthier choices, and figure out how exercise fits into your schedule.
  3. Mental Health: You may use food as a source of comfort. Emotional eating is common and we will help you identifying healthier ways of coping and handling your everyday struggles without having to turn to food. We also know that the stigma associated with obesity impacts how you feel about yourself. We work to help build your self-esteem and help you reach your full potential. Additionally, we help you learn to cope with the different ways people treat you as you’re losing weight.
  4. Support and Accountability: Our commitment to you is that you will never have to struggle alone. We provide you with an in-home coach, a mental health counselor, a fitness trainer, and nutritionist who will walk the journey every step of the way with you. We will also help keep you on track by holding you accountable to the goals you set for yourself.
  5. Concierge Weight Management Services: We already know losing weight is hard. We don’t want to make it any harder and that’s why WE COME TO YOU! This also gives us an opportunity to help you in the environment you spend the most time rather than trying to blindly apply solutions from an office.

How we provide value:

  1. We look at the whole person and your family to figure out the obstacles you face which prevent you from living a healthy life.
  2. We work with your primary care physician to implement and compliment what they’re doing to help you.
  3. We build a sustainable support system around taking into consideration your time, lifestyle, and finances.
  4. We understand the stigma you face and work to build up your self-esteem and confidence.
  5. We treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.
  6. We will always treat you with compassion.
  7. Convenience: We come to you!

Our unique approach:

  1. Success is a lifelong effort: Lifelong change doesn’t happen in an office. Although we have professionals who work with you from their office, if needed, we can provide you with a LIVE-IN, in-home coach who has the ability to move-in with you and help you navigate your struggles in real time. Our in-home coaches can also be with you a few hours a day or a few extra hours a week to help you with things like grocery shopping, cooking, working out, etc.
  2. Troubleshooting: Once you have the keystone habits of success down, your team will continue to work with you to navigate trouble areas.
  3. Ongoing support: Once you have the keystone habits of success down, your team will continue to work with you in the Beyond the 90-day program. This program will be for the next 9 months helping you to maintain the progress you built and continue to help you grow. Appointments will always be available to you the same or next day in order to make sure you get the help you need when you need it.
  4. Understanding: The majority of our staff know what you’re going through. Most of us have had similar struggles with obesity and have been on our own journeys to living a healthier life. We know that the battle is bigger than the simple explanation of “calories in, calories out.”



*(start at 13:32

Why Be A Hero?

Be A Hero is on a mission to help people who struggle with obesity regain their quality of life. We seek to add value in every interaction we have with you and your family. We want each person to walk away from our program or conversation with our staff feeling more hopeful and a better person because of it.

Today we are offering you the opportunity to get the help you DESERVE! When you mention our blog we’ll provide you with a FREE 30-45 minute consultation and quote. Everyone has the potential to be a hero. Who will you be in 90 days?


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