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Finding the right weight loss program for you is almost as fun as sucking on a lemon!


There are so many weight loss programs around that it’s hard to know which weight loss program is right for you. Here are some things to look for in a weight loss program and questions to ask yourself when making the decision:

Nutrition Support:

  1. Does this weight loss program provide you with a comprehensive, sustainable nutrition plan?
  2. Does this weight loss program assess your current lifestyle and tailor a meal plan for YOU?
  3. Does the weight loss program meal plan for you include multiple prepackaged meals and bars which make the meal plan hard to sustain without those items or can you use real food and get the same results?
  4. Does the amount of food or the amount of calories make you feel deprived and hungry all the time?
  5. Does the meal plan incorporate items you like in moderation?
  6. Is this a diet or a lifestyle change?


Fitness/ Exercise Regimen:

  1. Does the weight loss program incorporate so many hours of exercise in a week that you can’t work it into your schedule?
  2. Does the fitness program meet you where you’re at and increase incrementally?
  3. Does the exercise regimen include a variety of physical activity in order to avoid boredom?
  4. Is this weight loss program something you’re able to continue on your own?


Mental and Emotional:

  1. Does the weight loss program help you address the mental and emotional reasons for overeating?
  2. Does it address ways to stay motivated?
  3. If you are addicted to food, or have binge eating disorder, does the program help you to address these issues so you don’t go from one addiction to another?
  4. Does the weight loss program help you to find healthier ways of coping outside of eating?
  5. Is there someone you’re able to check-in with in order to stay accountable?
  6. Does the weight loss program help you set-up a support system in your home and community?


*Before embarking on a weight loss journey, you should always speak to your physician first.

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